PREVIEW: 2020 Red Bull Ignite7

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Some of the world’s leading sevens exponents will link with the next generation talent across four men’s and women’s teams.

Captains selected their teams at draft event on Monday and have spent the week preparing for the weekend’s matches.

All Blacks Sevens Coach Clark Laidlaw said it has been an exciting week in the build up to the tournament.

“We’ve been delighted with what we’ve seen; it has been a pretty amazing week with the work that was done around talent identification, the coaches that have assembled and we have four really strong teams.

“This will be as good a sevens tournament as you would see outside of international sevens; especially day two when the teams have had some time together, we’ll see some awesome sevens. We’ve seen some big physicality in training too, no one is going to take a backwards step”.

Players have been selected from across Mitre 10 Cup, Under 20, schoolboy and sevens specialists and will represent the Bolt, Inferno, Power and Surge teams.

“These players have had a short preparation window, but they’ve been selected because they have the attributes to play sevens, so we want to see them go out and express themselves,” said Laidlaw.

Black Ferns Sevens Co-Coach Cory Sweeney said the calibre of female athletes assembled for the tournament were among the best he had seen in the country.

“These games will be amazing. We have defined the talent pool down to four teams of contracted, FPC and school players and we haven’t seen this level of talent together before.”

Sweeney said the opportunity for young players to pit themselves against the world’s best will be invaluable.

“These players will know where they sit after game one in terms of what it takes to become a Black Ferns Sevens player. They get to play against the best in the world and do their own self analysis as to where they sit against them,” said Sweeney.

Those players that do impress will not only be in line to win the Red Bull Ignite7 MVP awards but full-time contracts in the sevens programme.

“There are a few butterflies floating around but that’s what we want to see, these players have a genuine opportunity to change their life and get a full-time rugby contract,” said Laidlaw.


Saturday 5 December

3pm Power Women v Inferno Women

3.22pm Surge Women v Bolt Women

3.44pm Power Men v Inferno Men

4.06pm Surge Men v Bolt Men

4.58pm Suge Women v Inferno Women

5.20pm Power Women v Bolt Women

5.42pm Surge Men v Inferno Men

6.04pm Power Men v Bolt Men



Bolt Men: 1. Tone Ng Shiu, 2. Tim Mikkelson, 3. Stuart Leach, 4. Caleb Tangitau, 5. Manny Snooks, 6. Akuila Rokolisoa, 7. Josh Gray, 8. Latrell Smiler-Ah Kiong, 9. Leroy Carter, 10. Cole Forbes, 11. Joe Webber, 12. Etonia Waqa, 13. Moses Leo

Bolt Women: 1. Ruby Tui, 2. Cheyelle Robins-Reti, 3. Stacey Fluhler, 4. Teuila Sotutu, 5. Lavinia Tauhalaliku, 6. Kalyn Takitimu-Cook, 7. Jorja Miller, 8. Dhys Faleafaga, 9. Leanna Ryan, 10. Montessa Tairakena, 11. Hazel Tubic, 12. Rhiarna Ferris

Inferno Men: 1. Scott Curry, 2. Angus Fletcher, 3. Veveni Lasaqa, 4. Rhodes Featherstone, 5. Liam Wilson, 6. Che Clark, 7. Daniel Sinkinson, 8. Manu Paea, 9. Regan Ware, 10. Ngarohi McGarvey-Black, 11. Rico Syme, 12. Fritz Rayasi, 13. Noah Hotham

Inferno Women: 1. Tyla Nathan-Wong, 2. Terina Te Tamaki, 3. Leianne Tufuga, 4. Tynealle Fitzgerald, 5. Rosie Kelly, 6. Gayle Broughton, 7. Kelsey Teneti, 8. Ruby Tawa, 9. Tenika Willison, 10. Mia Anderson, 11. Tysha Ikenasio, 12. Lyric Faleafaga, 13. Tiana Davidson

Power Men: 1. Anzelo Tuitavuki, 2. Kalani Going, 3. Trael Joass, 4. Jone Rova, 5. Sage Shaw-Tait, 6. Tim Sail, 7. Kitiona Vai, 8. Oscar Schmidt-Uili, 9. Brian Lealiifano, 10.Caleb Makene, 11. William Warbrick, 12. Sione Molia, 13. Fehi Fineanganofo

Power Women: 1. Janna Vaughan, 2. Princess Elliott, 3. Mahina Paul, 4. Kiki Tahere, 5. Sarah Hirini, 6. Michaela Blyde, 7. Risaleaana Pouri-Lane, 8. Olive Watherston, 9. Manaia Nuku, 10. Crystal Mayes, 11. Alanis Toia-Tigatua, 12. Layla Sae, 13. Rebekah Tufuga

Surge Men: 1. Luron Iosefa, 2. Andrew Knewstubb, 3. Carlos Donnell-Brown, 4. Terrel Peita, 5. Dylan Collier, 6. Shamus Hurley-Langton, 7. Ollie Sapsford, 8. Joel Cobb, 9. Ethan Webster-Nonu, 10. Kurt Baker, 11. Brady Rush, 12. Tomas Aoake, 13. Jona Mataciwa

Surge Women: 1. Grace Kukutai, 2. Autumn-Rain Stephens-Daly, 3. Shyanne Thompson, 4. Isla Norman-Bell, 5. Mererangi Paul, 6. Maia Joseph, 7. Iritana Hohaia, 8. Kelly Brazier, 9. Shiray Kaka, 10. Keilamarita Pouri-Lane, 11. Portia Woodman, 12. Alena Saili, 13. Jazmin Hotham



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