Rokocoko tires of try diet

The flying Blues three-quarter has been on a starvation diet when it comes to try scoring and he is keen to break free by gorging himself.

It has been 11 months since he scored his last Test try, against South Africa at Carisbrook, while he had a quiet time of the Rebel Sport Super 14 as well.

Making Rokocoko's frustration all the more intense is the fact he holds the world record for most tries in a calendar year as a result of his 17 touch downs in 12 Tests in 2003.

He told The Australian, "You hardly see a winger score for the All Blacks' these days.

"It's gone pretty quiet, just because of the game plan."

Because of the intense scrutiny sides are put under by video analysts, variations to game plans have been required of most sides, and the All Blacks have changed theirs to the point where of 15 tries scored this year, only three have been by wings.

"As the years go on, a lot of teams do a lot of analyzing of our game," Rokocoko said.

"Eventually we had to change our game when Graham [Henry]came along. And it's worked so well so far."

As a result of the defensive lines that are being used against them, the kicking tactics have been a contributing factor as well.

As Rokocoko said, "In the past few games, the role of the wingers has been to chase the ball, a lot of kick-and-chase."

That still allows the wings to play an attacking role for the side, but it has diminished their chances for try-scoring. Theirs is more of a contributing role as they look for support runners inside to off-load the ball.


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