Salesi Rayasi on training with his cousin Shaun Stevenson, keeping fit & Fortnite


Rayasi on where to lockdown

When I was deciding where to go there were a few options and I thought about heading down to Wellington but ultimately decided it was easier to go up to Auckland and stay with family. I’m staying with my aunty, uncle and two cousins. My cousin (Chiefs player Shaun Stevenson) was a big reason why I headed up here, we can use each other as training partners and keep each other on track. I usually flat in central Auckland during Mitre 10 Cup but its cool being with family.


Rayasi on staying fit

Before the lockdown we were scrambling to get equipment sorted. Shaun’s mum works at a school, so she was able to get some equipment from there, and I ended up getting an ERG (rowing machine) from Auckland Rugby. So, we do a workout circuit type thing, and then there are a couple of hills around that are perfect for hill sessions. There is also a park just a few minutes’ walk from the house, so we head there and set up cones to do our running sessions. We both got schedules from our Strength and Conditioning trainers and then we’ve figured out how to work it together – with running days, lifting days and days off.


Rayasi on keeping busy

A lot of Zoom meetings! Its good to be connecting though. I am reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, so I’m trying to get through that. Shaun and I have the PlayStation set up, so we’re playing Fortnite, Call of Duty, War Zone and some NBA 2k. My uncle is a bit of a petrolhead – he likes supercars, so I have been getting into that a bit and have been asking lots of questions about the cars, and engineers, computers, and stuff. We watched a documentary about the Penrite team and the introduction of Ford Mustangs into the super racing. Otherwise I have come across a few of the old school All Blacks games on SKY, so its cool to watch them.


Rayasi on the adapting of lockdown

I definitely miss seeing the guys. I always enjoy going out for a coffee but in that regard, it means I am saving a bit of money, not going out for a coffee, and adding on a caramel slice or something like that all the time. It’s also having that routine, the first week I was a bit lost and I got sick of sleeping in!



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