Scott Robertson talks Tik Tok, his Crusaders environment and being a sous chef

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Robertson joined Israel Dagg on last night’s second episode of Investec Super Rugby Isolation Nation on Sky Sport, where he said he would get his boys to do one properly and they would send it into the show.


On a more serious note, the three-time defending champion coach revealed to Dagg what makes him tick in his role with the Crusaders.  


“One of my greatest strengths and one of the things I love doing is creating an environment where players just love coming in. They become good mates and guys become best men and groomsmen at each other’s weddings. That’s the stuff that excites me because they love coming into an environment where they know they are getting better.”


The former All Blacks and Crusaders flanker joked around about Super Rugby returning to play on Waiheke Island in their own rugby bubble. But like every other rugby fan, Robertson just wants to see the game return as soon and as safely as possible.


“Rugby is a life blood of our country. We have to play, we have to get in front of people, this is what our players are paid to do, and we are paid to coach. We will do anything in terms of innovation when the game returns.”



Robertson, who earlier on in isolation said he was the king of his house when it came to the board game Downfall, told Dagg he hasn’t spent too much time in the kitchen so far in lockdown.


“I’m a sous chef. I go in and get a bit of physical presence around there and ask what I can do and all the time I get told to get out and that I am making a mess. But it’s good, we are eating really healthily, and we are really mindful at this time around the supermarkets and getting deliveries when we can. It’s great that those workers are doing the mahi and stacking the shelves.”


Robertson had a special mention to all the loyal Crusaders fans.


“Thanks for the support. I know it’s been difficult for all of us, but I think it’s really important around these things to have a really clear mindset and stay strong. We have been through a lot down this way and this time everyone is in it together, which is a little different because normally it’s just been our region. But we love yas [sic] and appreciate the support. Crusade on.”


Investec Super Rugby’s Isolation Nation screens on Sky Sport 1 every Wednesday and Sunday at 7:30pm.



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