Seven questions with Etene Nanai-Seturo


How has your summer break been?

It was good, I didn’t get up to too much in my summer break. I went up to Auckland for the week for Christmas with my family. Mum and Dad live in Auckland, and then I came back down to Tauranga for New Years and just chilled and did a bit of training as well.


Huge 2020 season coming up, what are your goals this year?

Obviously, the ultimate goal is the Olympics in Tokyo. I’m just trying to take it day by day, trying to work hard with the boys every day and try and focus on the World Series first before I look forward to the ultimate goal. So, I’ll keep working hard and putting my hand up for the World Series tournaments.


Boys must be buzzing after a great start to the season in Dubai and Cape Town?

Yes, for sure. That’s one of the main reasons why I’m back here in the Sevens environment. When I was first here, I felt the buzz and the brotherhood and the connection with the management as well. This team has one of the best brotherhoods I’ve ever been a part of, I can hand on heart say that because I love this team. I love the boys and you can see that everyone cares about each other and I think that is why when we are on the field, we work so hard for each other.



You must be excited about Hamilton next weekend, have you got family coming along?

Yes! Mum and Dad have been buzzing me hard out. The team is usually named on a Wednesday, so last week they were texting me and calling me to see whether I had made the team, so it was pretty cool when I got to tell that that I made the team for Hamilton. I’m pumped to come back and play another tournament again at home. I’m pretty nervous as well, but very excited.  


How have you found the transition back into Sevens from a full season of 15s last year?  

I guess the hardest thing to get used to is the fitness. Obviously, everyone knows about the Sevens fitness regime and how crazy it is, but the transition has been all good. The guys and coaches have made it easy for me, and I’ve fallen back into the setup quick. I know most of these boys too, because when I was first here, most of them were here as well so it’s been good to get back.


We hear you guys have been doing heat training to prepare for Tokyo, have you got into the chamber yet?

I haven’t got into the heat chamber yet, I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have to, but I know I will have to at some stage. It sounds pretty difficult. I will likely get in there after Sydney but will have to wait and see.



And how do you think your Chiefs are going to go this year?

I’m backing them, Chiefs mana all the way. I hope they do well this season. I’ve been talking to some of the boys and they are saying the environment is really good this year, also with Gats (Warren Gatland) in the mix as well. Hopefully they go well, and I’ll be supporting them.




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