Sky Super Rugby Aotearoa final race explained

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We look at each team’s chances of appearing in the first ever Sky Super Rugby Aotearoa final.




The Crusaders are in pole position on 22 points on the ladder, eight points ahead of the second placed Blues. The Crusaders have two more games up their sleeve and could make the final even without registering another victory. One win will confirm their spot in the final and two wins would put a home final beyond doubt. All things considered it would be a surprise to not see the Crusaders in the final, whether they play in Christchurch or away from home is another matter.


Current position: First

Current points: 22

Maximum points: 32


Remaining games

Saturday 17 April vs Chiefs

Sunday 25 April vs Blues




The Blues are sitting in second place but will be feeling the Chiefs and Highlanders breathing down their neck. Two wins out of their remaining three should be enough to see the Blues into the final and their final round clash against the Chiefs is shaping to be a potential final knock out clash.


Current position: Second

Current points: 14

Maximum points: 29


Remaining games

Friday 16 April vs Highlanders

Sunday 25 April vs Crusaders

Saturday 1 May vs Chiefs



Current position: Third

Current points: 12

Maximum points: 27


After dropping their first two games, the Chiefs have surged back into final contention with three straight wins. The Chiefs have three games remaining and every competition point will count. If they can win one of their next two games against the Crusaders and Hurricanes, then it could set up a virtual knockout clash against the Blues in the final round.


Remaining games

Saturday 17 April vs Crusaders

Friday 23 April vs Hurricanes

Saturday 1 May vs Blues





Current position: Fourth

Current points: 10

Maximum points: 20


It’s a tough road for the Highlanders to make the final, but not impossible. Tony Brown’s men only have two games remaining and need to pick up maximum points from both to have a chance. They also need the Blues and Chiefs to pick up no more then one win each respectively in their remaining three games. To simplify, let’s look at round eight. If the Highlanders beat the Blues on Friday night and the Crusaders beat the Chiefs on Saturday night, then the Highlanders final chances will suddenly be looking a lot better.


Remaining games

Friday 16 April vs Blues

Friday 30 April vs Hurricanes




Current position: Fifth

Current points: 6

Maximum points: 16


All is not completely lost Hurricanes fans. You still have the slimmest of mathematical chances of making the final. Firstly, you will need to pick up bonus point wins over the Chiefs and Highlanders to move up to 16 points. You then can’t afford for the Blues or Chiefs to win even just one game. This means the final round game between the Chiefs and Blues would have to wind up in a draw following a 10-minute golden point period. From there it will be a tie-breaker as to who makes the final based on most games won and points scored for and against (see full tie-breaker rules below). Does your head hurt yet?


Remaining games

Friday 23 April vs Chiefs

Friday 30 April vs Highlanders




In the event of two or more teams being equal on competition points for any position on

either the Competition table, either during or at the end of the season, such position will be

decided upon using the following steps until the tie is broken:


a) Most wins from all matches;

b) Highest aggregate points difference from all matches;

c) Most tries from all matches;

d) Highest aggregate difference of total tries for versus tries scored against

from all matches;

e) Coin toss


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