Surgery successful but Fatialofa's condition still serious

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Fatialofa suffered a neck injury only a minute after entering Worcester's game against Saracens when he carried the ball forward.


The director of rugby at Worcester, Alan Solomons told that Fatialofa's surgery had been positive but he remained in intensive care.


"From where I was I couldn't see what had happened clearly but the replay didn't look good. Full marks to all the medical staff involved, they did all the right things and managed to get him to hospital.


"He is in the hands of experts, good hands, although it is obviously not a pleasant thing," he said.


Solomons said the injury had affected the club but they had given the players all the information they could.


"The team doctor addressed the players first thing on Monday morning so they were in the loop and any player who wishes to can speak to Nick [team doctor]. It is quite a tight group and the players have been very supportive, certainly of Michael and his family.


"We have spoken about it and I think the most important thing is to show Michael he has that support.


"You have to be sensitive to the situation, that is the key. The lads have been pretty good, as has the level of support so the whole family knows everyone is behind them," he said.


The incident had wider ramifications than just at the Worcester club. Opponents Saracens had helped all they could and Solomons said it had been 'fantastic' to see the response throughout the rugby community.


"We just want to see Michael recover, that's all," he said.


South African Solomons has travelled widely in the game but Fatialofa's injury had been the first time he had experienced that sort of thing happening to one of his players.


"You get serious injuries that take a player out for the season but not of this nature," he said.


"The biggest thing we can do is make sure he is receiving the best possible medical care, which he is receiving, and that he knows he has support of absolutely everyone at the club from the owners right down," he said.


At the same time, the club was involved in a competition and they still had to prepare for another game on Saturday.


"We have a responsibility to play the game and I have spoken to the players about that. It is not that we think about Michael any less. He is in our prayers but we also have to get on with the job," he said.


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