The boys are itching to get out there - Savea

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Being captain had resulted in him having more small conversations with players and getting a feel with how the team was shaping during the week while also driving the team's direction during their preparation.


He was confident the team shared his mindset. It didn't matter whether it was a Bledisloe Cup Test or a Rugby Championship Test each time they put on an All Blacks jersey, it was an important Test.


"We don't take it for granted and even though the Bled [Bledisloe] is locked up, each time we go out there and put on the jersey we want to perform," he said.


The 47-26 loss to Australia, in Perth two years, ago had been discussed. Savea, who played in the game, remembered the post-game feeling was not nice.


"We don't want that same feeling on Sunday so we've been bottling that up and letting it sit," he said.

Continuing efforts to reduce the penalty count against them would also be a focus.


Savea said the high penalty count in recent Tests had not been good enough, and limiting the penalties was one way of making it harder for opponents to win.


The team was entering an exciting phase with five Tests in five weeks.


"We've been off footy for the last two or three weeks and the boys are itching to get back out there and the Aussie lads have been waiting for us and we know that they're ready as well so I think it's going to be a great match," he said.


"I know Perth has been waiting so it will be very exciting to be able to get out on the field and, hopefully, put on a spectacle for people."


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