Theresa Fitzpatrick on Aunty duties, puzzles and Tik Tok


Fitzpatrick on choosing to head home for lockdown

I flat in the Mount with Stacey Fluhler and Chey Robin-Reti. Chey and I watched the announcement about lockdown on TV and when we realised what it meant we all decided to head home. I got home the night before we went into lockdown and I’m with my parents, three brothers, sister, nana, niece and nephew.


Fitzpatrick on the family dynamic

It’s nice being able to see my siblings every day, it sort of feels like things are back to normal. Usually its only for special occasions that I come home, now I’m around every day. We all have our own things to do, some of my siblings are studying so they are busy with that. I try to help mum out in the kitchen, but I think I am a bit slow for her!


Fitzpatrick on keeping fit

We live really close to the Lovelock Track so I usually head there in the morning for a session and I have been trying to get my brothers to do circuits with me, so I don’t have to work out by myself. I don’t know if they actually enjoy it but its good for them! As for the fitness challenges, I wasn’t really doing them, but Stacey started to so I had to – I can’t let her win! The younger girls in the team have been tagging me in some of the things they are doing so that keeps me on my toes and is pretty motivating.


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Fitzpatrick on Aunty duties

It’s pretty special spending time with my niece and nephew, they are six year old’s. I try to do creative stuff with them, so I have been thinking of fun ideas but quite often they don’t think my ideas are any good! We’ve done a few Tik Tok’s but I think I enjoyed that more than they did. We had a paper plane competition and got my brothers involved – that was good. They like to watch DisneyPlus, which I don’t really mind, but at the moment we have Frozen 2 on repeat, so I am trying to broaden their horizons with some classics like Mulan and Lion King.


Fitzpatrick on puzzles

When I am at the flat, I usually do puzzles by myself, but at home my mum and siblings help out so we get them done quicker. We finished three in the first two weeks, last week one was 1500 pieces. The kids try to get involved but quite often they just force pieces together and the other day my niece hid the last piece – we knew it was a new puzzle so it shouldn’t have been missing any, she thought she was pretty clever.



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