Attacking mindset paying dividends for the Black Ferns

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Coach Wayne Smith said after Sunday's 56–12 win over Wales at Waitakere Stadium, "We cannot play like other teams. We are trying to play like us.


"We are trying to be true to our roots and our DNA, and it's giving the girls a lot of fun," he said.


Wales out-gunned the New Zealanders up front, and dealing with that would be a work-on before the weekend's last pool game against Scotland.


Smith said: "We have some work to do up front. Their pack played well and put us under pressure. You always have something to work on, but we will get back on the grind this week.


"I felt for Wales. They have a really good pack. I think the game next week against Australia will be a cracker."


For all his experience, the two-time men's World Cup-medal winner said he was struggling with the pregame preparation in the women's game.


"The men are more inside themselves and quieter, more detailed in their individual preparation. The women love it, and I can see why they love it.


"There is a lot of joy in what they do. They dance, and they sing. I am learning to love that. It's great to see people absolutely loving what they do."


Smith was delighted with the defence. It was outstanding and a step up from their first game against Australia.


"The attack, particularly the counterattack, was really exciting."

Captain and player of the day, first five-eighths Ruahei Demant said the team prepared well mentally throughout the week before the game, and she was proud they started better than against Australia.


The side's mindset revealed the courage to be brave and play the pictures they saw.


"Right from the start, we talked about being physical, and I think that is what we did.


"We identified where the space was, but, credit to them, the line speed was fast.


"We did well to identify where the other spaces were opening up, especially inside. You saw Portia [Woodman] burst through the middle from an inside ball. We tried to go through the middle, and round the ruck as well. The way we adapt is really powerful."


Demant paid tribute to her forwards.


"A lot of people might think the style of game we play is fast and free, and may seem quite unstructured. But, you can't play that game without being physical, and you need a good pack to take you forward to create those opportunities."


Fullback Ruby Tui believes Smith's coaching has transformed the players.


"We have never had the kind of insights we are having. It is exciting where we can go.


"We want to be courageous and to make it an entertaining sport. We want people to watch women's rugby and be like, 'Oh, that was cool.' Hopefully, it comes off."


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