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New Zealand Schools

About the team

New Zealand Schools represents the first rung on the high-performance ladder of New Zealand Rugby, introducing young players to the culture and environment of New Zealand’s national teams. Many players who shine at the professional level of the game and attain higher honours, have begun their careers with the New Zealand School’s team.

New Zealand Rugby partners with the NZ Barbarians Club to select a second squad of U18 players to take part in international competition each year. This provides a further group of players to be exposed to this level of competition and experience a high-performance development environment. As an Under 18 team this also provides an opportunity for players who have left school and are registered at clubs to be selected.

The selection process is thorough and with many layers, to ensure that there is opportunity for players to be considered regardless of where they are from within New Zealand. Performances for 1XV, Clubs, Provincial Union under 18 and Super Rugby U18 are all taken into consideration for the selection of this these teams. You can find more detail of the selection process HERE.

Both squads are well supported by experienced managed teams who focus on development first and foremost, across key areas such as technical, tactical, physical preparation & recovery, nutrition, mental skills & wellbeing and personal leadership. The management teams aim to create an environment where players can express themselves, learn and grow as people & players, whilst motivating them to be the best they can be.

Upcoming Fixtures

Saturday 23rd September 2023

NZ Māori Under 18 v Northland U19 Selection – 12 midday (St Pauls Collegiate, Hamilton)

NZ Schools v NZ Barbarian U18 – 2pm (St Pauls Collegiate, Hamilton)

Thursday 28th September 2023

NZ Barbarian Under 18 v NZ Māori Under 18 – 12 Midday (St Pauls Collegiate, Hamilton)

Australia Under 18 v NZ Schools – 2pm local time (Viking Park, Canberra)

Monday 2nd October 2023

Australia Under 18 v NZ Schools – 11am local time (Viking Park, Canberra)


Any questions relating to this or any of the age grade development programmes within New Zealand, can be directed to High Performance Pathways Manager, Ben Fisher, [email protected]


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