Savea hungry for success against England

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Savea said, "We've done our stuff on England, and if we don't match up to their physicality and energy, it's going to be a long day.

"I've not got really good history playing against England. The last time we played them, we drew. We were up with 10 minutes to go, and they came back and drew the game.

"It's always been awesome battles with England and I'm sure this one will be too."

Savea is aware of rival No8 Ben Earl's ability to move to the backline, his good feet, and his strength as a ball carrier.

Savea said there was a refreshing feeling in the camp, and because the coaching group was new, players were still on their toes with the new management.

"That's good; it keeps everyone on edge and brings out the best in everyone.

"It's refreshing, and it's exciting. I've never been coached by Razor [Scott Robertson] and it's so refreshing having him and the rest of the coaches coach. We're really looking forward to putting something out here this weekend."

So far as any changes to the game plan under new management were involved, Savea said rugby was a simple game where if you did the basics well, you won games. That included the set piece and how they tackle.

"It we can nail that consistently through the game, I'm sure things will go well."

Savea said his season in Japan had given him a different perspective on life and rugby, and playing with players from other countries had been enjoyable. It was also interesting to see how other coaches saw him.

Savea said he was nervous in his first game but welcomed the nerves because it brought the best out of players.

"It's a great challenge to step forward and try to own it on the field."

One aspect that the side has concentrated on is the need for discipline from the season's outset to avoid giving away penalties and letting pressure off opponents.

"As All Blacks, we want to keep our standards high. We know there will be penalties in the game, but for us, it is how we adapt and adjust to that.

"It's up to us as leaders to try and limit those because England will punish us."

Savea said he was not surprised by halfback TJ Perenara's recovery from his Achilles tendon rupture.

"If there's one person you want by your side it's TJ. He never takes no for an answer. He's the most competitive player that I know, so, for him to come back it is not surprising. It's good to have him back, you can feel his presence when he's around."


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