Banter and Backstories: Inside the Quirky New NZR+ Show


The refreshing show is anything but your typical sports commentary. Hosted by the charismatic Ra Pomare, known for his quirky Tuna advertisement and Snapchat escapades, alongside rugby legends John Afoa and Angus Ta'avao, it promises a blend of non-expert analysis and offbeat banter that's bound to keep NZR+ viewers hooked.

With Afoa and Ta'avao sharing anecdotes from their illustrious careers, including stints with the Blues and ventures abroad, the show delves into the highs and lows of professional rugby. Ta'avao's candid discussion about his near-career-ending neck injury adds a poignant touch, highlighting the resilience of athletes and the vital role of medical support.

Produced by the talented James McOnie of Crowd Goes Wild fame, "It's Not Tiddlywinks" offers fans an authentic glimpse into the personalities behind the players. Through genuine storytelling and playful banter, it's set to become a favourite for rugby aficionados craving both insight and entertainment.

Watch on NZR+ or below on youtube.


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