Strength in Adversity: Cameron Suafoa's Inspiring Story

Cameron Suafoa

Suafoa, 25, said on the Blues X [Twitter] site that he had a tumour removed in November but continued training and playing for the side until the win over the Waratahs on March 16.

That game was played after his final radiation session on the eve of the game. He finished his session, flew to Sydney to join the Blues, and then played on Saturday in his 20th and Blazer game for the side.

While he had been able to balance his training in the mornings with his treatment in the afternoons, the fatigue became too much for him, so he stood back to concentrate on his recovery.

Suafoa said that while he woke feeling good each day, he tired easily, and by lunchtime, he could feel his energy declining.

His treatment involved radiation five times a week, and he said, upon reflection, he had been in denial during that phase.

Suafoa, with his family spread around Australasia, had relied on the support of his partner Brittany Hastings-Kutty.

He said if he gets bogged down thinking about his illness, he isn't going to move forward.

He was looking to take something positive from the situation rather than constantly asking, 'Why me?' and coming back stronger to pick up where he left off.


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