We are focused on ourselves, not the All Blacks – de Klerk

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He told The South African, "It doesn't matter what team they field; we want to make sure we get our stuff right before we go to the World Cup.

"If they do something different, it's up to them. We want to focus on ourselves. There are a lot of things that we want to fix and make sure we get right before we go to the World Cup.

"I don't think there's a point to prove in terms of the score line, there's a point to prove for ourselves. We had a disappointing first 20 minutes [in Auckland], and after that things started coming back together, being our physical selves. Rectifying mistakes we made against them is a point we want to prove not to them but ourselves."

De Klerk said the Springboks' box kick of recent times is likely to feature less in their bid to win their fourth World Cup.

"I think we've got a bit more variation going. We are trying not to do a box kick the whole time, but in saying that when we do box kick, it's up to the nines [halfbacks] to kick an accurate kick and our wingers to make sure they get in a contest."

Meanwhile, hooker Bongi Nbonambi believes South Africa is a more settled side that will face new challenges to win the Rugby World Cup in France.

Mbonambi told The South African the defending champions would have to 'outwork' their rivals to emulate the All Blacks in securing back-to-back titles.

"Four years ago, it was a totally different story. We were a bunch of new players coming together with a new coaching staff and new plans. So it did take us longer than usual to prepare and be aligned.

"But now we are finding our rhythm, becoming aligned quicker because we have known each other for four years. We know what the coaches expect from us, and as players, we know what to expect from each other.

"We are working harder because we know we can't do the same things we did four years ago, because then you will fall off the bus. We are putting things in place and having the whole group together we are making sure we are aligned with the plan."

All Blacks v South Africa (Rugby World Cup warm-up): Saturday 26 August, 6.30am NZT, Twickenham, London.


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