Wrampling embraces 'super power' in the black jersey

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Wrampling said he took a lot of confidence from playing in World Rugby's Under-20 championship last year. That confidence saw him play Bunnings NPC rugby for Waikato and gain a place in the Gallagher Chiefs DHL Super Rugby Pacific squad this season.

As a player who has been there before, Wrampling said he felt his role was to give first-time players confidence and to encourage them to play their own game.

"It's a big tournament where everyone's watching, and it's a great way to showcase your talent.

"The fact that you get to wear that [black] jersey...after that, it changes your mindset a bit. 

"When you pull that jersey on you, feel like you've got superpowers, it's a pretty surreal feeling. When you move forward you know that you've got that experience under your belt, and it gives you that bit more confidence."

Wrampling said the campaign in Australia, the first time Sanzaar has staged The Rugby Championship Under-20 Tournament, was going well and after two weeks together, the players were getting on well and looking forward to having family visit the camp on the eve of the Argentina match.

"Training is going well too. The boys are ready to go out tomorrow and put it on."

He said there was a 'weird feeling' among the players after their opening game draw with South Africa, but they had put it behind them and moved on quickly towards their game with Argentina.

The South Americans would be a challenge because the analysis the New Zealanders have done has shown they are a better side than last year.

"They are passionate people, but it's good to play them when they get competitive."

But the New Zealand side had shown how well they had bonded and had the confidence to fight back for a draw against South Africa.

"If you get any Kiwi kid and chuck him in a game of footy, he's going to be confident. Brad [Cooper] instils that confidence as well.

"You've got the backing of your coaches and management to do that, to express yourselves and back yourselves when the pressure is on.

"Our management group has definitely instilled us with a lot of confidence."


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